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Victory High School


Purple - Royalty, Inspiration, Imagination
Gold - Optimism, Wisdom, and Prosperity
Green - Growth, Harmony, Freshness, and Fertility

Victory High School

1650 West Southern Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85041
(602) 243-7583 Fax (602) 243-7563

June 22, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian, it is with great sorrow that Victory High School Governing Board must notify you of the closure of its school located at 1650 West Southern Avenue, Phoenix Arizona 85041.

As of the end of the day on June 30, 2021. The school shall cease operation.

Victory High School is retaining custody of your student records. You can request your student record by:
1) Email victoryhighschoo@gmail.com
2) US Mail: Victory High School, P.O. Box 8364, Phoenix, Arizona 85066 or
3) 1650 West Southern Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85041
4) Voice Mail (602) 243-7583
5) FAX (602) 243-7563

Thank you for choosing Victory High School, and we wish you the best of luck in locating another school that will meet your student needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

------------------------ Victory High School History and General info ------------------------------

Victory High School is a small charter school, almost hidden behind a secure white rod iron fence, shadowed with green trees and shrubs. There is no large tall sign to announce its location, however, once you enter the gates, that is where you will find a very unique school. This is Victory's Twenty fourth (24) year of serving the South Mountain Village Community.  Victory High School's unchanging vision of  "Students Experiencing Success," has been its priority since 1996. The charter school also works consistently to make sure that its mission "Prepare Students to Succeed in a Changing World,” is taken very seriously. The school has a small student-centered environment with an individualized curriculum, that emphasizes students achieving VICTORY over: Ignorance, Illiteracy, Degradation, Social Ills, Drugs, Gangs, and Violence.  VICTORY that is designed to produce life long Love, Peace, and Happiness that will help them focused on higher education, community service and strong civic duties.

Dr. Shirley Branham is the Charter Holder and Principal of Victory High School. She maintains that an undisciplined student, has an undisciplined mind, and is unable to learn. This is why she trains the students to use their brains. Victory's Motto is “Home of the Brainiacs”.

Over the last 40 years, Dr. Branham has lived, worked, shopped and raised her family in South Mountain Village. At any given time you may see her milling around in the community at the neighborhood places of Worship, Super Markets, Swap Meetings, Drug Stores, Service Stations, Public Parks, Fitness Gyms, and many other locations where her students and parents frequent. She says, “It is a pleasure when I see the students and their families in the community. It lets them know that I am a caring and concerned member of the community.”  She also has been a vital component of the community, helping at different local organizations over the years.

Dr. Branham welcomes all students to experience a victorious education at Victory High School.

 Victory High School is actively recruiting 9th - 12th graders to enroll in its school. The high school program include (1) 4-day week, Monday thru Thursday,  (2) small classes  15:1 ratio, (3) tuition free-private school environment. (4) Well educated culturally diverse faculty and staff.

Victory invites you to visit its website at www.victoryhigh.com We look forward to meeting you in the near future.

- VHS 2020

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Notification of Adopted budget 2020 meeting. Summary of proposed budget. And Budget highlights documents in the Governing Board Meetings section.


PURPLE: Royalty, Inspiration and Imagination

GOLD: Optimism, Wisdom and Prosperity

GREEN: Harmony, Freshness and Fertility



OUR VALUES: Accountability, Collaboration, Compassion, Education, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Leadership and Stewardship.

Mission: Prepare Students to Succeed in a Changing World

Vision: Students Experiencing Success




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